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Living in Florida has many benefits with great weather, tons of recreational opportunities, great tax benefits, outstanding food and entertainment, and a popular place for those looking to retire, plus some great new initiatives to attract high-tech business with excellent paying jobs. Also, since Florida's economy is largely based on tourism, there is always something to do. For example, you may desire to visit the Daytona Speedway, hoop an holler away while zooming around on a roller coaster, or you can even spend time checking out many endangered species in a zoo or park, or for the truly adventerous, in the wild "old Florida" canoeing or kayaking through protected areas like the Withlacoochee State Forest, or ride a bike or hike the Rails to Trails system, or how about just relax!  This is all fantastic, but there are a few things everyone living in Florida should do to get the most out of our home, condo, or apartment.  Bill Covington, CEO of StormFitter's in St. Petersburgh FL knows that by installing StormFitters' Florida Windows, you will not only will you make your home more appealing and energy efficient, the actual home value will increase. Moreover, if you use the impact rated version of these windows, you will have extra security from theft, as well as storm protection. StormFitters knows Windows, and proof of that is evident with their A+ Better Business Bureau rating with over 15,000 projects completed under the careful hands of StormFitters.

One thing about Florida is the abundant sunshine, and that sunlight contains visible light, UV light, and infrared (IR) light; StormFitters' Florida Windows are designed to deal with the damaging properties of Ultraviolet light.  UV light is know mostly because it damages your skin, but it also takes its toll as it shines through unprotected windows and damages or fades wood, fabrics, and in general causes all colors to fade.  Infrared light is manifest in heat, and StormFitters windows use what is called "Low E" glass, which allows visible light to pass through while blocking crucial amounts of UV and IR light.  The infrared light in sunlight heats objects up, while the ultraviolet light "beats up" the molecules on the surface of objects.  Of course in and around your home we are talking about tile floors, furniture, curtains, cabinets, sidewalks, patio furniture, etc.  Low E glass windows reflect this type of energy and on the hot sunny days this helps to keep your home cooler, and in the winter the desired cold is kept out by the insulative properties of StormFitters' Florida Windows, and the heat inside your home is reflected back inside where it belongs to keep you warm.

There many types of Low E rated windows, and StormFitters carries them all, and of special importance in Florida (or any coastal area of the US) are impact rated windows.  Low E glass is well worth the price due to energy cost savings from cooling and heating a home, and many people don't realize the added benefits of impact rated windows.  With impact rated windows you get improved home security because the high impact rated windows simply cannot be broken by normal means.  Check out this YouTube video showing the strength of an impact window as they fire a 2x4 out of a cannon into the window at close range - this is amazing!


When considering Florida Windows, remember to contact StormFitters' - we not only have the very best Florida windows, they are known for the best serviceability, warranty, price, local representation, and of course our many years of experience and over 15,000 projects.  We have the best valued products for all your window and door needs including every type of new installation or replacement window, and door updates as well.  There are vinyl replacement windows, entry doors, security doors, sliding glass doors, single hung windows, double hung windows, high energy efficiency, and green rated products of every variety.  For windows, as we discussed, there are high wind impact rated, double pane, triple pane, argon filled, double-glazed, high-solar-gain Low-E Glass, Argon and Krypton Gas, and many more.  Don't let this confuse you - StormFitter's has a reputation of providing the best window for your project based on local codes, architectural style, and or course your budget!  Our products will revitalize the exterior of your home and dramatically improve its' efficiency giving you beauty and security, and thanks to energy tax credit programs, you can possibly save even more money on top of reduced energy bills.

Remodeling your home, especially with replacement windows, is solid long term investment, and right now it is one of only a few "good investments." Take a look at some of StormFitters Products, or Contact Us right away by clicking or touching here, or call us at 727-544-0575.

All the best with your project!

Bill Covington

PS: See the information on a Door Update by clicking or touching here - or Click or Touch here to learn about saving money with Replacement Windows.  Oh, one more thing, if you are in the St. Pete FL area (Clearwater, Gulfport, St Petersburg, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Largo, Clearwater Beach, etc.), stop in and see us about your window replacement project.

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