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Stormfitters, as the experts in severe weather exteriors, utilizes only the best products in the market with a wide variety of retrofit and new construction styles. Whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner, or builder, StormFitters will provide you with the best options in quality products.  From start to finish, we provide outstanding products and services that save you money and protect your investment. Moreover, our services and products are designed to reduce your energy costs while economically protecting your property.  Call us now for more information: (727) 544-0575 - use code STORM when you call!

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Protecting your home or business from the effects of high winds is more important in today's economy than ever before. One reason for this is exemplified in the all to common news reports depicting how people have lost valuables, supplies, machinery, tools, and family heirlooms that are irreplaceable and not adequately covered by disaster insurance.  Sometimes irreparable damage is caused by wind driven water entering a building through small openings, and old windows and doors sometimes cannot stand up to strong winds caused by natural phenomena such as thunderstorms or cyclones.  

StormFitters specializes in the evaluation and preparation of buildings for severe weather. Call us if you have any questions or need help in evaluating your home, business, or commercial property: (727)544-0575.  Here are some things to keep in mind to decrease the likelihood of storm damage:

  • Install impact resistant assemblies at all exterior openings
  • Check local code requirements for information when considering door and window replacement
  • Check window, vent, and door perimeters and seal all cracks and holes
  • Replace weather stripping as needed
  • Have your roof inspected and secure all loose shingles, tiles, or roof panel
  • Check and seal all roof penetrations
  • Inspect soffit and facia and repair, strengthen, or replace as needed

Contact Us or Call (727)544-0575

Contact Us or Call (727)544-0575



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Contact Us or Call (727)544-0575

Contact Us or Call (727)544-0575