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As you can imagine, with over 30 years and 15,000 projects of satisfied customers, StormFitters has many testimonials and we thought you would like to watch and read a few.

Besides testimonials for many storm abatement products including windows and doors, Stormfitters regulary recieves praise for their amazing home remodel work. Stormfitters is licenced for commercial and residential construction and performs to the highest standards (FL Lic# CGC1516020).  Here is a breif video where a customer requested major construction improvments to their home. 

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The following Testimonial is featured on YouTube and StormFitters' Facebook page, and if you follow StormFitters on twitter - @StormFitters - you will get a tweet about this and other videos. A recurring theme with testimonials about windows and doors is the fact that people save money - that's right, the doors and windows are energy efficient and result in real savings in natural gas and electric bills.  

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At StormFitters, we receive great satisfaction in providing and installing the highest quality hurricane protection products, including hurricane shutters, storm panels, doors, and as a "happy customer" describes in this testimonial, bringing you"Peace of Mind in Any Weather!"  


Like many people in Florida, our "happy customer" lives "up north" - so whether he (and his wife) are in Florida enjoying there beautiful home and the quietness and UV protection of their windows, or they are away and a hurricane is pounding Florida, they take comfort in knowing their windows are hard at work providing comfort, convenience, and hurricane protection.  What else did this "happy customer" mention about StormFitters?  How about "Great Management", "Fantastic Installers", and "We looked at all the different companies and decided to go with StormFitters."  Once again, nice work and kudos to everyone at StormFitters!

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The next Testimonial is from a "delighted customer" and is featured on YouTube and StormFitters' FaceBook (follow us on Twitter @StormFitters - important updates and some great deals will be Tweeted soon).  In this video, you will hear mention of windows and security shutters, and you will also see the peace of mind StormFitters' products and services provide. Interestingly, this customer considers the work on their home to be "magic" - their home is now secure and has a new beauty to it - a fantastic home makeover!

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The next Testimonial, also featured on YouTube and StormFitters' FaceBook, mentions windows with improved energy efficiency, peace of mind with hurricane shutters, and the outstanding work done by StormFitters - another job well done and a happy customer!

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Letters and Other Testimonials

Mr. Bill Covington

Dear Bill,

My wife and I are so pleased with our new Stormfitters windows!  You really did us a great service in helping us to make the right decisions in our choice of the best windows for our home.

I do not have to put up plywood anymore and I have lots more storage room in my garage now as all of the bulky wood is gone.  You were right in telling us how much quieter the house would be with your heavy, hurricane windows installed.  We can not hear any traffic noise at all now that the windows are installed!

You and your team were wonderful to us in every area of your service.  We had some of the big store companies out for estimates and I found that, not only were they more expensive, but they were using sub- contractors for the installation.  We were so happy knowing that you and your team were in charge of every step from ordering to installation.  You are the best and I will highly recommend you and Stormfitters, with confidence, to all of my friends.

You are the Best!

Many thanks,

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Contact Us or Call (727)544-0575