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    A door definitely is a door, isn’t it? But think again. Following the current advances in design and technology, there is a plethora of possibilities and combinations from which to select. They all, however, originate with 3 fundamental forms of exterior/front doors utilizing the various combinations of the side lites/transoms, glazing options and exterior door. We at Stormfitters offer exterior doors of the best quality and the widest range. Our service areas include the different parts of Clearwater, Largo, Sarasota and Tampa.

    A detailed study on the three different types

    • Exterior door- it is a rail and stile door or a door slab without any glazing units. It can be utilized in a double or a single exterior door configuration
    • An exterior door with glazing- this is an exterior door having a glazed unit fixed into the door body. Its glazing unit varies in size and comes in complete length life to a tiny fan top unit attached at the top. A glazed unit can be stained, etched, clear glass, with/without grills. Above all it can be utilized for creating a double/single exterior door entrance
    • An exterior door system having transoms and/side lites- this form of exterior door will help in creating an impressive appearance. These are available both in glazed and solid units. Along with offering an impressive design element, the transoms and side lites will allow the entry of natural light and also offer ventilation


    It is your exterior door that is the foremost thing which your guests will notice when they step into your home. This door will serve a dual function of functionality and aesthetics. An exterior door that is well built will create a welcoming presence and also at the same time insulate the home. Having proper insulation means saving on energy bills. Besides an attractive exterior door will boost the curb appeal of your door and reveal its personality. To install the best exterior door take the help of our experts right away. 

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