FAQ’s about Hurricane Shutters & Impact Windows
    Serving Clearwater, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Tampa, Largo, FL, and Surrounding Areas

    Should I tape my windows when a hurricane threatens?

    NO! Between the time it takes to put it up, scraping it off after and the lack of protection it offers, taping windows is a practice best left in the past. Taping provides no protection against flying debris and gives a dangerous and false sense of security.

    Can shutters go over my doors?

    They can but shutters on doors aren’t always the best solutions. When a home or business has doors with substantial amounts of glass such as sliding glass doors or french doors, StormFitters always recommends some sort of hurricane panels. However, we always recommend updating your exterior doors to the latest code-enforced options and your glass doors to impact glass for both safety and security.

    What are the best kind of shutters?

    That is up to you, what you are looking for and your budget. At StormFitters we offer roll shutters, aluminum and clear panels and Fabric-Shield™ Panels. All offer different benefits and features such as storage or ease of installation.

    How long has StormFitters been in business?

    We’ve been in business for 38 years serving the Bay Area. Check out some of our testimonials to see why we have an A+ BBB rating.

    Do I have to provide my own measurements?

    You can certainly bring in your own measurements to our showroom for a quote. All measurements will be followed up by an at-home (or location) visit by our engineers to get precise measurements before we go into production.

    Does StormFitters make their own windows and doors?

    No, we go straight to the manufacturers to get you the best deal and best options available. Some of the items we carry, such as Fabric-Shield™ Panels, are proprietary and only made by one factory.

    Do I have to get the permits for the installation?

    No, we handle pulling all the permits. You will just need to make sure you’re available after the installation is finished for the final inspection.

    Will installing Impact windows, hurricane panels or storm doors lower my insurance costs?

    While we can’t answer for every insurance company, we have found that most do offer discounts when windows and doors are protected by products that meet or exceed local codes. The area you are most likely to save the most money is protection from damage caused by projectiles, storm surge or water.

    How much will it cost to get impact windows/panels/doors?

    As much as we’d love to give you a quick answer for this question, there isn’t one. Your costs will depend on what everything from what type of product you choose to what design you want. We know everyone has different budgets and we will help find what fits for you. Overall, no one can put a price tag on your safety, security and piece of mind. And, we’ve never had anyone tell us they regret their decision to get hurricane and storm protection!

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