Hurricane WindowsImpact Windows, Storm Shutters and Hurricane Panels in Pinellas County, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo FL, Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

    Hurricanes are powerful and unforgiving and if you don’t have impact windows you face serious risks and dangers. Stormfitters supplies and installs impact windows throughout Largo, Sarasota, and Clearwater.

    Your windows are potentially very vulnerable to the forces of a hurricane and that is why you need storm or impact windows. If you don’t have impact windows you don’t want to be around when the force of a hurricane or similar storm sprays glass fragments across your rooms. Razor sharp glass fragments can cause severe injury and even death – it’s simply not worth the risk when you can install safety windows such as storm or impact windows.

    Impact windows are available in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. You get different window designs such as casement windows, double hung windows, sliding windows, fixed picture windows and patio windows. They are all available in the form of safety windows.

    Your windows can do much more than just provide a view. They can provide ventilation, reduce the harmful rays of the sun, save on energy and protect you when bad things happen – provided you have the right safety and energy efficient windows.

    The right safety windows won’t shatter and explode when a severe storm hits. They won’t shatter or break would-be would be intruder tries to smash them. In addition, they filter out most of the harmful UV rays found in natural light. They also help maintain comfortable air temperature by keeping cold air out during winter and keeping hot air out during summer.

    So protect yourself and your loved ones by having energy efficient impact windows installed in your home. You cannot prevent hurricanes, tornadoes and storm, but you can take sensible and responsible steps to protect your family.  Not only do impact windows look great, they provide vital protection as well as energy savings.

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