Impact Windows in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo FL, Sarasota

    Impact windows can help protect the structural integrity of your home

    Impact WindowsWhen you live in an area prone to severe windstorms and hurricanes, your windows should be a major concern, unless of course you have impact windows. If you need impact windows in Largo, Pinellas County, Sarasota or Tampa, then Stormfitters can help. They can supply with storm windows and doors that keep you and your loved ones safe during those hurricane countdown days.

    If you don’t have proper impact windows and storm doors, your home will be vulnerable when the next storm hits. Once a storm wind breaks a window or a door, your home will damage and safety compromised. Impact or hurricane windows will prevent breakage and keep the pressure. This helps maintain the structural integrity of your home. Once a window or a door breaks or gives way, all that force and pressure will enter your home. All that pressure and force can cause terrible damage and can even lift your roof off. With that kind of force, you can imagine the risk to body and limb.

    Hight impact or storm windows and doors will help protect your home and maintain its structural integrity. You want to be sure the impact windows you select meet the required load standards as specified by certain bodies and authorities such as the AAMA, ASTM and the Florida Building Code. You also want to select insulated glass that is an approved energy efficient product.

    High impact windows are available in variety of styles and types including single hung, double hung, casement, bow, sliding glass doors, patio windows and many more. Storm windows normally have key features such as weather-stripping, laminated, glass, insulated glass, a variety of glass colors, double glazing, triple glazing, energy efficient and more.


    It is also very important that you impact windows and storm doors are installed professionally and properly. Any system is unit is only as strong as its weakest link.

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