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    Exterior DoorsWhile choosing an exterior or front door for your abode, a key factor to consider is the material type to choose. We at Stormfitters offer a wide range of front doors with doors made of wood, steel, and fiberglass being our specialty. A house that has a beautiful and charming entry door indeed is inviting along with being an envy of neighbors and friends. Thus, it is vital to select the right variety. Be it wood, steel or fiberglass each has its respective set of benefits and our staffs will guide you on each to help you choose a door that best fits your needs and budget. Our service areas include the different parts of Clearwater, Largo, FL, Sarasota, and Tampa.

    A brief on the different types of doors

    • Wood doors- our entry doors made of wood are popular for its durability and old-world charm. In fact, there is a sentimental feel about the texture, smell and look of natural, real wood in the abode. You can either choose a standard door design or customize an extravagant one as per your choice.
    • Fiberglass doors- this is a highly versatile door material. Our custom made fiberglass doors indeed are visually identical to wood and provide additional resilience to weathering and dents. There cannot be a better way of getting a wooden door’s timeless charm in a fiberglass door’s strength. We also provide diverse range of affordable and durable fiberglass entry doors for catering your home’s basic needs. Be its practicality or beauty, doors made of fiberglass is the perfect choice for you
    • Steel doors- No matter which style of steel entry or front door you need we can have you covered. Our wide range of steel doors will cater the variegated styles, budgets and climates. With diverse configurations and stylish designs you can increase the curb appeal and enhance the appearance of your sweet home by installing a steel entry door


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