Storm Shutters in Clearwater, Sarasota, Tampa, Largo, St. Petersburg, and Pinellas County

    Types of hurricane and storm shutters available in Pinellas County

    If you live in areas that are prone to hurricanes and other severe weather conditions, then you should consider investing storm shutters. Stormfitters specializes in severe weather products and can help you with storm shutters in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Largo or Sarasota. When storm-proofing your home, hurricane shutters should be at the top of the list.

    Storm shutters protect your and help to keep bad weather out. They block the wind and protect your home against debris and objects blown around by the wind. There are several options and choices when it comes to storm shutters.  Hurricane shutters can be basic such as plywood bolted over windows, or more elegant such as permanent aluminum shutters.

    A popular option is aluminum hurricane shutters. They are designed to protect windows and doors from storms and high winds whilst complementing the aesthetics of your home. These stylish shutters are made from aluminum and are both attractive and functional. They are also durable and won’t rust, crack, split or warp.

    Storm shutters can also be made from metal, wood, fiberglass or PVC. They can be rolled down, tilted, sliding, accordion, stow away panels, or even in form of an awning. Plywood storm shutters or storm panels are the most basic and cheapest and they need to be put up and taken down. It is a cheap but rather cumbersome and non-elegant solution. Roll down shutters are mounted permanently and are easy to use. Bahama hurricane shutters and colonial shutters are also among the more decorative variety and are meant for window openings only. Accordion shutters consist of interlocking vertical blades, usually aluminum, which roll horizontally on tracks mounted above and below the opening

    Hurricane or storm shutters can protect your home against the elements, keep debris out, can be custom made, are easy to clean and maintain and can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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